Wheelchair-Accessible and Ease-of-Access Taxis

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Our Licensed London taxis are specially designed to accept special needs customers, including those in wheelchairs and those with difficulty transferring. Our helpful drivers are ready and willing to give you any extra assistance that you need.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The TX Models have a safe, practical wheelchair ramp that does not protrude unduly onto the pavement.  The taxis also have a high door opening, which is a real benefit to all passengers, especially for wheelchair users. It reduces the need for stooping upon entering the taxi and reduces discomfort in the case of wheelchairs users.

Electric wheelchairs are slightly wider than manual wheelchairs and require a taxi with wider doors. We have several taxis on our fleet with these wider door specifications, so just remember to mention it when you make your booking.

Swivel Seat

The TX Model London Black Taxi is equipped with a swivel seat for use by the elderly or those with limited mobility. This swivel seat, which detaches on an axis and extends outside of the vehicle, makes it much easier for passengers who require assistance to gain access to the vehicle. (If you need a taxi with a swivel seat, please specify on booking as some older taxis do not have this feature.)

Repeat & Regular Bookings

Repeat bookings are no problem for us as your card details are held on our secure payment server and a “Repeat Transaction” can be carried out as and when you require another taxi journey.

If need be, we can arrange a taxi for you on a scheduled and regular basis.

You can pay with your own debit or credit card and then reclaim the costs from your local authority or Department of Work & Pensions, if applicable.

Video of Features

Watch this short video to see these features in action

Customer Comments

Dear Mike, Professor S. has asked if you could please pass on his thanks to the driver who took him and one of our wheelchair-bound students to Essex Court Chambers yesterday. The personal attention they received from him was very much appreciated. Many thanks, Janette M., School of Law, Queen Mary University of London

We have several special needs customers who use our services on a regular basis.  Suzanne, to whom we supply a taxi four times a week for her journey to work, had this to say:

“Thanks Mike, It has all worked out really well and made my life a lot easier!”

Book a taxi or contact us online or phone +44(0)203 00 44 953