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Complaints and Commendations
Its important to complain if you feel mistreated.
The Public Carriage Office (PCO) has a team dedicated to the handling and investigation of complaints and commendations about taxi drivers in London.
Contact the PCO customer services team on:
Tel: 0343 222 4444 (Monday to Friday between 08:00am to 16.30pm)
Text Phone: 020 7918 4435 Fax: 0207 027 9914
Public Carriage Office
Customer Services
5th Floor
84 Eccleston Square
London SW1V 1PX

Licensed London Taxi Driver's Complaints and Commendations When making a complaint, please ensure that the following information is included: Day, date and time of incident Pick up point and destination requested Location of incident if you were not a passenger Indication of abuse, if any. If emailing the complaint, use *s where necessary as swear words will be blocked Taxi licence number and or registration number Description of the taxi, e.g. colour or advertising on the taxi Description of the driver Account of what happened Any witnesses or police details where applicable
General information Complaints are dealt with quickly and confidentially. The licence number of the taxi can be found on a white plate on the rear of the vehicle or on the inside of the passenger compartment and consists of five digits (eg 12345) Taxi drivers are required to wear their licence badge at all times, and are required to make the number available if requested In some instances the complaints team will be unable to take further action. Only complaints where a driver has contravened Hackney Carriage law can be investigated. If the team cannot proceed you will be advised accordingly and offered alternative courses of action. Usually these types of complaints relate to road traffic matters, which should then be reported to the police. You can discuss your complaint with us on the phone, but we do require all complaints to be followed up in writing. Once received you will be sent an acknowledgement letter. Enquiries can take up to six weeks to complete and at the end of an investigation you will be informed of the outcome, including any action to be taken against the driver This action can vary in severity from an initial warning to revoking the driver's licence. All decisions are based on the driver's service history and the seriousness of the complaint, although each is dealt with on its own merits. Complaints vary from the refusal of a fare to misbehaviour and abuse by the driver. Others may relate to overcharging, the use of a devious route or the condition of the taxi vehicle. With regard to refusal of a fare, a driver must accept any hiring up to 12 miles distance (20 miles from Heathrow Airport) or 1 hour duration, provided the destination is within Greater London and City of London. The PCO will ensure that all complaints are dealt with as quickly as possible and in the strictest confidence.
It should be noted that driver complaints constitute a minute percentage of the total annual taxi journeys undertaken.
If you would like to comment on the good service provided by a driver we would be pleased to forward your comments to them.

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