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What's On in London for the August 2013 Bank Holiday

Live By The Lake

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As usual, our wonderful city offers a wealth of things to do this on this August Bank Holiday weekend.

Notting Hill Carnival is Europe’s biggest street party. Vibrant parades, loud music, and lively crowds celebrate London’s West Indian community.

The Alternative Guide to the Universe at the Southbank Centre will expand your mind and challenge your preconceptions with this sideways look at the world. More than 20 maverick and visionary artists re-imagine cultural and scientific conventions using installations, sculptures, and functioning robots.

Kew’s IncrEdibles Summer Festival will teach you about edible plants at the Kew IncrEdibles Festival, a fun way of engaging with nature and the great outdoors in a stunning setting. Row across the Tutti Frutti boating lake, admire the giant fungi sculptures and Palm House display, and learn how to cook with some live demos

Skate Kings Cross gives you your last chance to roller disco the night (or day) away at this pop-up skating rink. With boozy milkshakes and evening DJ sets, this is the place for adults to have some seriously retro-tastic fun. During the day the rink is open to everyone, with free skating lessons for kids.

Street Feast is in full swing over the bank holiday weekend. Alongside its usual brunch and coffee choices, it’s upping the drinking options with a specialist gin store and wine stall. There will also be kids’ entertainment provided by the Little Dalston Builders Kids Workshops.

Live by the Lake provides live music, stunning views, and peaceful scenery. This Hampstead Heath mini-festival provides the perfect mixture of relaxation and entertainment. This weekend you can catch recently reformed Britpop godfathers Suede, gentle piano rockers Keane, and a selection of classics from the Royal Choral Society that culminates in a synchronised fireworks display.

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Staying in London

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Whether visiting London for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, it’s important to get your accommodation right. London hotels can be pricey, particularly in the city centre and tourist spots. However, there are a lot more flexible and cost-effective ideas such as self-catered apartments and budget B & Bs. Considering all the options can help when planning a hassle-free getaway.

For the less fussy traveller there are plenty of good hostels in London. You can find accommodation as inexpensive as £20 per night if you’re prepared to share with others, dormitory style. But staying in a hostel doesn’t have to mean compromising on privacy; you can get a twin room for yourself and a friend for a little more money. During the summer season it’s also possible to stay in university halls, which often come with very good washing and cooking facilities.

For a slightly more upmarket version of self-catering, it might be worth checking out the apartments, suites, and house-lets that are on offer. During the London 2012 Olympics, some London residents are letting out their private residences on a short-term basis. Prices vary depending on whether the accommodation is serviced by cleaning staff, but usually they come with fully-equipped kitchen areas and entertainment features like TV and stereo as standard. Many of these are only suitable for weekly lets or longer, rather than a weekend away.

With the London Underground at your disposal, it may be wise to think about staying further out of town, as you may get more for your money. This being said, there are now plenty of relatively cheap B & Bs offering a good rate in areas as accessible as Kensington and Bayswater. This accommodation will be simple, often situated in Victorian terraces and is best seen as a clean, convenient base for days out in London. It may be a good option for short city breaks and not something ideal for a longer term holiday.

The more mid-range hotels include well-known names like Travelodge and Premier Inn, but there are a fair amount of independent places about as well. Central districts such as Piccadilly are usually home to the large-scale 3-star complexes which provide decent-sized – although basic – rooms with continental rather than cooked breakfasts.

If you’re travelling in style however, there are any number of luxury and 5-star hotels to choose from. Think historic town-houses, unique retro interiors and individual extras like kid’s concierge staff and day-trip planners. Several hotels are listed buildings, and put on traditional tea services in the afternoon.

Whatever your priorities, booking anything from a 12-bed dorm to a private villa can now be done online at the last minute for sometimes surprising discounts. So if your limit is a 3-star B&B but you’re dreaming of a boutique Richmond hotel, don’t rule it out until you’ve shopped around.

And wherever you stay, you can book a London Black Taxi to get you there or take you on a tour of London.

If you would like to contact us, you can:

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Getting around London - Olympics 2012

Book a London taxi, tour, or treasure hunt online or phone +44 (0)203 00 44 953

The London Olympics, 2012. Can you feel the buzz yet? It’s building every day as the event approaches and with a huge influx of visitors to London, getting around the capital during the Games is at the back of everyone’s mind. Is it going to be grid-lock? Will the London Underground be able to cope with the additional number of passengers it will be expected to take? Will the buses run, and will it be possible to cross the road without being mown down by cyclists?

There is no doubt that travelling around the city at peak times will be less comfortable during the Olympics. There will be added crowding on an already crowded system. Whilst there has been a great deal of thought and planning around the issue of travel, there is no doubt that some problems are inevitable as the city attempts to find its way in the early days of the event. There are a few things that you can do to make life easier, and like most campaigns, time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted. Take time to look at the online resources offered by the London 2012 website, which offers free journey planners, route maps, and podcasts to help you find your way.

Walking and cycling are two ways that you can really take control of your travel. There has been a £10m investment in over 75 km of walking and cycling routes in east London and if it is at all possible, you are advised to take advantage of the options this offers. Rather than relying on crowded trains with the attendant stress, you can arrive on foot with many others, making it a safe and fun way to travel.

Those who have tickets to an Olympic event will be issued with a free Games Travel Card, for use on the day. It is valid on public transport in London Zones 1-9 on the day of your event and can be used on the London Underground, London Overground, Docklands Light Railway, buses, trams, and National Rail services. This should cut down on extra queuing time and congestion at stations.

If you plan well and leave plenty of time for travel you should arrive in good time for your event. But if things go awry – a train breaking down, or an accident on the line – then be aware that a London Black Taxi is the safest and quickest way of travelling by road if time is short. Don’t accept any offers from unlicensed cabs, who may try to entice you when you’re in a panic. Firmly decline and look for a London Black Taxi, with the orange light on at the front and just raise your arm to show them you want them to stop.  Licensed London Taxi drivers have a superb reputation for navigation, and if you tell them you are heading for an Olympic event, they will do everything possible to get you to the park on time.  If you would like to book your taxi in advance, you can find our contact details here.

Good luck with planning your Olympic visit. Don’t forget your Thomas Cook voucher codes for extra savings on transport and whichever way you choose to travel to the Olympic Games, try to relax. Getting stressed won’t get you there any faster.

If you would like to contact us, you can:

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How to Gad About Town on a London Holiday

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You’ve saved all your pennies, found the cheapest flights around, got a cut-price hotel room, and cut down the cost of your travel insurance with Moneysupermarket — all so you can enjoy London without worrying about your wallet.

The city is fit to burst with exciting things to see and do, from the London Eye, to Buckingham Palace; shops, restaurants, bars, museums and zoos too numerous to mention, as well as London’s beautiful parks and gardens. With so much on your plate, you’ll need to know the best ways of getting around in every situation.

Perfect for almost any trip is the classic London Black Taxi. These little black classics are pre-bookable so you won’t have to stand out on the bustling street fighting with other pedestrians as you try to flag one down. You could even book one in advance of your arrival in the city, so you can feel like a celebrity by having a car waiting.

The main benefit to using a London Black Taxi is that while you might not know your way around the city, a cabbie certainly will, so there’s no need to faff around with timetables and figuring out connections. London Black Taxis are also ideal for nights out on the town, when the thought of clambering onto a bus in your best clothes is unthinkable.

For major tourist attractions, you will nearly always find that there is a bus that will take you directly to it, or at least very close by. There are a number of smartphone apps, such as London Bus Checker and BusMapper, that can help you plan and stay on top of your journey, as well as give you up-to-the-minute information on diversions and travel times.

When it comes to getting to London’s main shopping and bar districts, the famous London Underground is always nearly your best option. London’s West End is its most popular locale for shopaholics and is almost littered with underground stations. So whether you’re hitting the town in Soho, doing a spot of alternative shopping on Brick Lane or living it up on Bond Street, the Underground is sure to get you there. Just prepare to find yourself making very close friends with the other underground users, as London’s underground trains are notoriously tiny!

Getting around in London is easy when you know how, so what are you waiting for? Get your skates on!

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Sky Ingram in London

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We were pleased and proud today to count opera soprano Sky Ingram amoungst our happy customers.  We delivered Sky to Buckingham Palace where the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were hosting an Australian celebrity-studded reception ahead of their ten-day trip Down Under next week.  (Supermodel Elle Macpherson and actor Hugh Jackman also joined the party as well as dance judge Craig Revel-Horwood and singer-actor Jason Donovan.)

Sky’s next performance in London will be at the The Guildhall Theatre, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Silk Street, London (near the Barbican Centre) on 10, 12, 14, 16th November 2011.

Sky will sing in the opera Die Lustigen Weiber von Windsor (The Merry Wives of Windsor), play by William Shakespeare, music by Otto Nicolai. The opera will be performed by the Guildhall Orchestra and Opera Course students of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Sky is currently studying at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama under a scholarship that she received while competing in the The Australian Singing Competition’s Mathy Final at the Sydney Opera House.

Congratulations, Sky.  We hope to see you again soon.

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