Nicola's Hen Party - Monopoly Taxi Treasure Hunt

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For Nicola’s Hen Party, her friends decided that our London Monopoly Taxi Treasure Hunt was just the sort of fun they were looking for.

If you are wondering what these ladies are doing in the photos, you’ll just have to try one of our fun-filled Treasure Hunts for yourselves.


I just wanted to say that the Monopoly Treasure Hunt was really good fun and something different to do on a Hen weekend.  The girls all loved it and were very competative in the end, especially when we passed the other team!!  Our drivers really got into the spirit of the hunt. I know from Nicola (The Hen) that she won’t forget the things we made her do! –Kind regards, Kaye

London Monopoly Treasure Hunt

During our London Monopoly Treasure Hunt, you’ll visit areas such as Park Lane, Regent Street, Leicester Square, Coventry Street, Piccadilly, and right through to Old Kent Road. Answer questions, take photos, buy souvenirs, collect free items, and complete tasks to win points. The team with the most points wins!

You can schedule 2 – 3 hours, according to your budget. We recommend 3 hours for maximum fun.

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More Information and Prices

For more information and current prices, please visit our Treasure Hunt page.

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